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.::A Cherished Soul::.

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[07 Feb 2005|10:06pm]

I'm sorry, but I
still CARE for Mark.
He has know idea how
I feel. I can't stop
thinking about him.

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...one for all and all for one... [18 Dec 2004|02:28pm]

I'm puttin this journal
in a shoe box for the
time being. I need to
get over some things.
Check me out at
<3 -Anna-

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In the midst of time... [16 Dec 2004|03:06pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Yeah, I talked to Mark today.
I told him that we needed to talk.
He was like. Oh. K.
I really don't think he is going
to come up and talk to me anytime
soon, but atleast he knows that
we need to talk. So, yeah all I
wanted to say to him was that...
He stole me heart away and that
I can never ever get it back
from him until he gives a little.
I wanted to let him know that
this is crap that we aren't
talking and that I don't even
know why. I just want to know
what was going through his head
and how he felt and feels now.
I wanted to ask him how it even
got down to this. I just want to
know the whole truth from day 1
and what his intentions with
me were? And if he felt anything
for me ever as a person? And why he
all of a sudden started to
ignore me? In my heart I know
that we are both losing
something very special, our
friendship that we had for
one another, like what we
were before we fooled around.
I miss that so much, but he
doesn't know that. That's
all I wanted to tell him and
just get a consenses on his
view about everything that
has happened. -Anna-

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...he kissed me softly on the nose... [11 Dec 2004|11:33am]
[ mood | calm ]

What is wrong with me?
I still care for Mark!

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[08 Dec 2004|05:53pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I was reading my e-mail today
and my mommy sent me this!

"Yesterday is but a dream, and
tomorrow is only a vision, but
today well lived makes every
yesterday a dream of happiness
and every tomorrow a vision of

It made me smile!

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I need somene to HOLD ME! [06 Dec 2004|05:30pm]



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An update... [06 Dec 2004|04:44pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

This weekend was the most thing I think I have
ever done in my life! Seriously! On Saturdsay
was so booked! I was and took the SATs. Then
went to a Portfolio Review with Savannah College
of Art and Design in Atlanta! (the lady loved
my work! YAY!) Then went to the Alpharetta
Lighting Ceramony to watch my little sister
perform Christmas carols! (they sucked, but
oh well!) Then went and picked up Chelsea from
IHOP to go to Liz's house to eat dinn-dinn in
the kin-kin and to watch a movie. I had to
leave B4 it was over! Oh well! On Sunday I
tye-dyed a white shirt w/ black dye! It looks
so cool! Then my mommy did all my project's for
me that I had due today! I love her muchly
eventhough sometimes she doesn't think so!

Then today was a pretty sucky day at school! I
didn't even really do anything worth while!
It was a pretty wasted day and that sux! Oh
yeah, in 3rd pd. tomorrow we have this speaker
from the Art Institute of Chicago come visit AP!
I hate listening to boring simanars! Uggg! I
mean don't get me wrong, they do fill you with
loads of info about thier college and that is
really nifty and all that, but I just don't wanna
listen! OK, OK, I'll stop whining! I;m such a
BABY! Ha! Anywho, I am so sick of school! I
better pass econ and lit! GRRRRRRRRRR! Yeah, so
I think imma gonna skadaddle!
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[03 Dec 2004|04:28pm]
[ mood | disturbing ]

...When I got home there was a big giant
fan in the kitchen!

...That's fuckin' WEIRD!
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I'm gonna flip my SHIT! [03 Dec 2004|04:19pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Thank GOD it is Friday! Well, not really.
I still have so many effing things I gotta
do and not enuff time to do them in. I
have to finish a letter to an author in
Lit due today. I got to e-mail it to Mr. P
cuz I didn't finish it in class today! Then
I have to start on a research paper.
Rough draft due the 6th. I haven't even
started. I hate school.

Passing:AP Art
Passing:Spanish 2
Passing:Descrete Math
It just pisses me off and there is
not a damn thing I can do except work my butt

-I'm OUT.
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[02 Dec 2004|05:21pm]
anna darling i love you always...
love laura...
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What is there to say? [01 Dec 2004|09:25pm]
[ mood | care free - like the gum ]

I talked to Morgan today! He's my new HERO!
I love him so much! I look up to him for
his musical talent! He's the hottest drummer
on the planet. Anyway, he is moving to
California to get his music career boomin'!
I'm so proud of him. I had the worst day
today then I talked to him and there isn't
a care in the world right now. It's just
that he inspires me to me myself and live
my dreams! I really thank GOD for him!
<3 AEMechling
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I need a change. [29 Nov 2004|04:04am]
[ mood | creative ]

...Today is a new day
and I am going to
paint the world my
new bright and
beautiful colors...

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[23 Nov 2004|10:35pm]
[ mood | unsure about everything ]

Do YOU care...
if i die?

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I don't want to feel anymore! [23 Nov 2004|07:03am]
[ mood | unloved, irritated, numb ]

Oh MY GOODNESS! I fucking HATE people that
LIE and CHEAT! Damn all of you to hell who are liars
and cheaters! I can't take this bull shit anymore!
This is killing me! Please stop the pain and the
hurt! Why does this feeling not go away? Is it in
my head? Why in the fuck would I lie about pain and
sorrow! Everyone thinks I'm lying because the other
"source" told lies and now I look like the big loser
bitch that everyone hates and then some! I hate it!
I hate this! I hate my life! No one wants to listen
to my side of the story! They don't even care!
WHY??? WHY? WHY??? I ask! I hate it so much!
I'm not as tough as people think I am! I just wanna
disappear from all this shitty nonsense that is going
on! It is just DRAMA and I HATE all of IT!!!!! And I
hate all that goes with it!
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I saw STEPH TODAY!!! YAY!!!!! [22 Nov 2004|04:27pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Yeah, nothing happened today that was really outta the ordinary!
Ya dig? Anyway, I am so bored! I don't relly wanna do the rest
of this extra credit crap in econ, simply b/c it is crap! Anywho,
so I'm looking forward to going to LITTLE 5 on Wednesday! I better
get to go! Yeah, so Dad is hopefully pickin me and Sarah, my sister
up on Friday! We might go to New Orleans, I have been there so many
time that it kinda doesn't seem that special anymore but oh well!
I do love that city, though! High crime rates and thugs turn me on!
Only kidding! Anyway, It's raining outside and how I love the rain!
YAY! It makes me happy! SO, I think is what I'm gonna do for my
Christmas present to my Dad is take him to a GODSMACK concert! He
LOVES them! My Dad is so GREAT! I love him dearly!!! XOXOX!
Let me know how your day went, GUYS!!! <3
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[21 Nov 2004|04:03pm]
[ mood | suicidal ]

I think I'm going to cry NOW!!!
I hate this fucking world!
Why in the hell to people
always have to hate me when
I don't do anything wrong
except for being me! I
care for so many people
and I love everyone but
for some reason everyone
just seems so shut me out
and reject me. I am such
an outsider!!! I can't
fucking take it and more.
I think it would be better
if I died, I mean, no one
cares anyway, so why should

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[19 Nov 2004|11:11pm]
Yeah, like today at school was the weirdest thing! Ok, so I was
going down the hallway to get one of my books and on the way back
I was walking with Danielle and she spots one of her friends in
the same class as Mark. So then Mark comes up and acts like he is
going to go out and go to the bathroom or something, but, like he
stops and walks away because he sees me. Then like after school
it is really weird b/c I go to the library to work on this ECON
crap that I have to do and Kris and Mark walk in the library. So
CRAZY!!! Then like it makes me feel so awkward and everything.
Yeah, I should have said hey to him but I didn't think all that
much about him except the fact that he was sitting right fuckin'
there. So yeah, crazyness!
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please help me [19 Nov 2004|07:24am]
OMG, my mom yelled at me the other night because she was so
upset about my grades and such! She like yelled at me for
like 20 min. straight! She was bitchin' about how I was never
going to get into college with my SAT scores and that me failing
ECON isn't the way to do it! Also, she was like Anna, did you
even go to night school? I was like, yes I did! (and I did) She
was like, have you been smoking pot of drinking b/c you were out
longer than 7:30. I was like u know I left a message on your phone
and you knew that I was going to the mall and to go eat. SHe was
like well how come your eyes are all glassy? I started crying b/c
she didn't believe me! She was like, Anna, I can't trust you anymore!
I was like I don't do that anymore, she was like sure! Then just b/c
I started to cry, she was like you re so pathetic and you need to grow
up. I can't do everything for you, Anna. I was like just kill me MOM,
it would be better this way! I was totally serious! I just want to
roll into a ball and die! She doesn't understand and about the bullshit
I go through, esp. the Mark thing and people and just plain drama!
I hate it soooooooo FUCKIN' MUCH!!!!
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Friends don't let friends be enemies [17 Nov 2004|04:41pm]
Yeah, so Mark, doesn't want to be friends anymore! That's depressing
esp. since I haven't been annything but nice to him and talk good things
about him! What the fuck ever! It all is so fuckin' dumb, including me!
I go on and on about him and all I want is us to just be the friends that
we were before we started messing around, but as I am and idiot I had to
ruin things by telling people what happened. So, it's my fault for telling
and it is his fault for denying. BLOODY HELL! Anyway, so, things are okay
yet fucked up! So, yeah, not really sure how to handle this one anymore.
...Trying to move on...
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TAKE THE QUIZZZ [17 Nov 2004|07:11am]
Take the quiz: "how sane are you?"

one mental mother fucker
its ok we all are a lil crazy but you ... you are a fucking nutcase. good job i honor you. you are yourself
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